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Strategic Storytelling

Recent Work

Comprehensive services spanning several unique industries and use cases. Explore below to see which area best fits your needs. 

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Strategic Event Modules

Events need videos. Everyone knows that. But that doesn't mean filling your "Run of Show" with random imagery (even if it looks nice). Videos for your event need to be strategic, with the aim of communicating your unique message. I walk arm-in-arm with your team to achieve this. Sometimes I even take part in events as a speaker or community outreach advocate for my clients.  I have many case-studies that demonstrate past successes. If this resonates with you and your needs, click the "View Case Studies" button  below to learn more. 


Fundraising campaigns. 

Dynamic and impactful storytelling is essential when communicating to your donor base.  


Mark Randall Berry


Mark Randall Berry - Owner

Since 2010, I have had the opportunity to tell the stories of various organizations across a wide variety of industries. Every story deserves to be told with the upmost passion and attention, no matter how large or small.  


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